Shawn Meaike 

Psychology of the Sale 

Appointment Toolkit:

Tablet device with cellular

E-Apps bookmarked on your device- AmericoMOOAmAmProsperityAIGForesters,

Credibility Sheet & Financial Inventory (print one for every appointment)

Carrier Quoting Tools bookmarked

Business Cards (examples & guidance HERE)

Product Brochures (order from each carrier)

Appointment Leads

License or badge

Mortgage Protection Presentation Script 

Mortgage Protection Financial Inventory PDF

In-Home Presentation


Paul McClain- In Home Mindset

Shawn Meaike- Attitude & Activity


Grady Polcyn- How to sell Life Insurance 101

Shawn Meaike- In Home Presentation

Jordan Lowery- Financial Inventory Sheet & Presentation

Shawn Meaike- Psychology of the sale

Final Expense

Paul McClain- 8 Steps to Final Expense In-Home

Paul McClain- Funeral Plan vs. Final Expense

Marc Meade- Final Expense in Home

Tiffany Gruenberg- FEX Close


Jonathan Porcena- #1 Producer Training

Matt Smith- Mortgage Protection Close

John Wetmore - Selling Mortgage Protection to clients over 60


Grady Polcyn- Overcoming Objections

Matt Smith- Already Have Coverage

Grady Polcyn- Get the Voided Check

Matt Smith- Social Security Close